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SEO, Natural Referencing

Definition : Optimization for search engines, techniques consisting of designing Internet sites so that they are well "indexed" and that they appear first on search engines, compared to certain keywords.

We have more than ten years of expertise in natural referencing and the Google and Google Map ranking strategy.

Keyword research is a crucial step in search engine optimization, so every successful SEO campaign always starts with identifying keywords that are relevant to your business or activity.

Thanks to our internal expertise, the use of recognized tools and software, we identify the right keywords that your Internet users are looking for, in order to optimize and increase the conversion of your Website.

To be successful, you need a Website that is easy to crawl, interpret and index by all search engines.

A good strategy and the implementation of quality content can improve your SEO campaign.

The stages of setting up an SEO strategy

Understand your needs and identify problems

  • Keyword identification
  • Optimize content
  • Analyze and improve your natural referencing

Make your website more ergonomic and efficient

  • Programming analysis
  • Verification of compliance with the rules
  • Expertise in page quality
  • Website speed test

Respect for security and privacy rules

  • Migration to HTTPS of your Website
  • Setting up a pop-up to accept cookies (RGPD)
  • Protection of your forms to block spam (re-CAPTCHA)

Monitoring tools

  • Implementation of tools to follow the evolution and activity of your Website.

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Our SEO agency is committed

With more than ten years of expertise in natural referencing and the Google and Google Map ranking strategy, our referencing agency has acquired a unique expertise in the implementation of SEO strategy.
Whether your site is for local or international users, our agency has the solutions to meet your demands.

Being in the top results on google is easy, you have to be technologically perfect, choose the right keywords, have a good layout, relevant text and media and have a little patience.

Like many SEO agencies, IT Advice is committed to:

Google New Essential Web Signals


Do you know? Google will carry out a major update in 2021 and will target its new SEO criteria on the experience felt by users (Google Page experience).
Our web agency had prepared for its changes as soon as Google announced it.

Is your site ready and responding to its new essential web signals?

Test the performance of your website

Why does Google impose its new criteria?

Answer: Google focuses on user experience to improve their experience on the web. It targets the loading speed of your web pages, the relevance of your content, the reliability of your sources as well as the security of your site. The main idea is to adapt to the new behaviors of Web users and to make their experience friendly with quality sites.

What are the consequences if your site does not meet its new criteria?

Answer: If your site has pages that are too slow to load, content that is not relevant enough, pages that are not secure or not optimized for a mobile version, Google simply favors sites other than yours and you fall in the ranking on the engines. search and lose your SEO.

What are the benefits if my site meets its Google criteria?

Answer: If your site meets Core Web Vitals, Google promotes your search engine rankings, which will increase your visibility on the web, increase your traffic and increase conversion for merchant sites.

Concretely, what are the changes in SEO criteria requested by Google in May 2021?

Answer: From May 2021, your website will have to meet the old and new criteria imposed by Google, namely the essential web signals (CORE WEB VITALS) which take into account the loading speed of your web pages, the interaction measurement between the user and the browser as well as the visual stability of your displayed pages.

GOOGLE criteria from 2021

LCP (Largest Contentful paint)

Definition: Measures loading performance, to provide a quality user experience.

Google recommendation: Sites should strive to display the largest visible element within the first 2.5 seconds from when the page begins to load.

Here are some tools that can help you measure and monitor essential web signals.

FID (First Input Delay)

Definition: Measures interactivity (the response time between user request and browser response).

Google recommendation: Sites should strive to not exceed an FID of 100 milliseconds.

Here are some tools that can help you measure and monitor essential web signals.

Compatible with mobiles

Definition: The page must be mobile-friendly.

Google recommendation: Check if your page is mobile-friendly using the Google tool.

mobile optimization test


Definition: The page should not contain any malicious (for example malware) or deceptive ( for example social engineering ) content.

Google recommendation: To find out if browsing your site is safe, see the Security Issues Report


Definition: The page must be served over HTTPS.

Google recommendation: Check if the connection to your site is secure.


Definition: The content of the page must be easily accessible to the user.

Google recommendation: Find out how interstitials can affect accessibility of content

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