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Creation of a tailor-made website at an affordable price.

Why entrust the creation of your website to IT Advice?

Eager to design original and effective websites, we have implemented a web design method that allows us to quickly create a website in your image while ensuring that it provides the best experience to your visitors and customers.

Whether you are a small business or a large business, we can adapt and provide you with the right solution. Transparency is one of our values, we will explain how we calculate the price and how we will create a website in your image.

Our engagements

Our WEB agency is committed to its customers and makes every effort to bring them complete satisfaction. Based on our experiences and positive feedback, our team specializing in SEO and marketing services is at your service!

Our mission, the creation of efficient websites, which above all meet the needs of users and Google criteria. We analyze your situation with an external and professional perspective, and bring you an in-depth and targeted analysis specific to your sector of activity to bring you the notoriety you are looking for.

What should we expect from our web agency?

We are committed to bringing your desires to life and achieving your goals through our market expertise and our communication strategy. Zero subcontracting, we deal directly with you and come to meet you.

IT ADVICE advises you, guides you and deploys your site.

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We offer you a turnkey site and regular monitoring to ensure the performance of your site.
A complete service which includes:

An in-depth study of your industry
  • To understand the challenges of your profession
  • Identify your competition
  • Determine the keywords, essential for good SEO
Web marketing strategy
  • to increase your traffic
  • improve your SEO
  • integrate social media
Web design
  • to be visually appreciated by your visitors, visibility is a crucial element
  • Integrate dynamic modules (widgets, photo gallery)
Web intelligence
  • monitoring tools to monitor your performance
  • analysis tools to understand your visitors
Technical development
  • Widget creation
  • Page translation in several languages
  • Responsive Web design, a clean and visible site on all media
Tools for E-commerce sites
  • Secure online payment solution
  • Anti-fraud solution
Accommodation and infrastructure advice
  • Our web consulting agency has been working for a long time with many Swiss partners for hosting and infrastructure aspects

Geneva Web Agency: technical side

Being an expert in the WEB field means knowing how to anticipate Google's actions and requirements, understand the challenges of web marketing and offer scalable solutions.

Make no mistake, your site must first and foremost appeal to an algorithm.

Our challenge is to develop innovative solutions to appeal to an algorithm and boost your presence on the Web. Thanks to a clean code and a multi-language structure, we allow your website to appear in the first results of Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu.

Technical solutions:

Our tools - social networks

Objectives : Create a community, increase visitor traffic, inform customers, share photos, create emotion!

You are a restaurateur, a travel agency, a craftsman, an independent, ...

Our web agency has created a tool allowing you to make your site alive and dynamic. The new generation wants to be connected and we have adapted to this new challenge!

Snapchat, Instagram, facebook, Twitter, Google Business

Opening a social network account is very easy and free. At first, you fund your account but you quickly wonder the usefulness of this communication channel, when the results are not there.
Without having a sufficient number of followers, you no longer communicate and this can have a negative effect on your image and suggest that your activity is at a standstill.
Expecting the development of your activity through this one channel seems perilous, especially since it requires regular work and time.

IT ADVICE has therefore developed its own connector to link your social network accounts and thus allow your publications to end up on your website, without having to do other manipulations!
A perfect combination, a well-referenced and connected website, active social networks, increased communication!
Our Webmarketing consultants will guide you through this strategy in order to choose the most suitable media for your activity.

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Our translation tools

Objectives : Increase traffic to your site by allowing your site to be read in several languages. Geneva is known to be a cosmopolitan city and welcomes no less than 40% of foreign population.

Our Web agency in Geneva has developed a tool to translate your site into more than 80 languages, including the most spoken in Switzerland, namely, English, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

There are two ways to translate a website.
For a long time, we have been used to using professional translator agencies to perform this task. This service is often very expensive and long. Many IT agencies use these agencies as a subcontractor, which is often the reason for the high prices.

Our Swiss SEO agency has developed a translation tool to translate your web pages on our showcase sites, in record time. In addition, our attractive rates for this service give you the opportunity to do translations in several languages and thus increase your traffic. Conclusion: faster, cheaper, more opportunities to increase your business.

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The stages of creating your website

Understand your business

  • Maintenance and study of your professional goals
  • Carrying out a market study in your industry

Design selection and implementation

  • Choice of colors
  • Character font
  • Layout of text and visuals

Publication of your website

  • SEO on search engines such as Google, Yahoo !, Bing, Yandex and Baidu

Implementation of monitoring tools

  • We monitor the performance of your visits (Google Map, contacts, number of visits)

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You are starting a new activity.
You are not satisfied with the results of your Website.

We are here to create or improve its performance.
Our goal is above all to bring you more visibility, to increase your sales and contacts.

"A suitable solution to optimize your business."

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We can travel to the cantons of Geneva and Vaud.
Of course, we can organize an e-meeting on Skype or Zoom wherever you are in the world.